July 26, 2017

Wide Format Printing in Orange County

What is wide format? Orange County Print and communications wide format department is able to produce large graphics for banners, vehicle graphics, decals, clings, posters and tradeshow displays.

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January 09, 2017

OCPC and Design Dynamics join forces

OCPC has greatly increased their wide format capabilites by joining forces with Design Dynamics. Contact us at info@ocpc.com for your wide format needs such as banners, posters, decals, clings and wraps.

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Ordering portal? Why Yes!

OCPC takes the lead on printing technology with their superior Streamline offering. Streamline is a platform that OCPC's uses for over 20 of their customer's printing portals. Contact us at info@ocpc.com for more information regarding web-to-print, pick and pack and distribution portals.

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